The 1990s


Aim of the game : to come up with as many descriptive keywords for the photographs as possible in 3 minutes. To score, you and your partner must write the same words.

  1. Select one of the 10 images by clicking on it.
  2. Write one keyword at a time describing the selected image.
  3. To score points, you and your teammate must write the same words.
  4. When both players write the same keyword, that image disappears from the series.
  5. Think twice! Depending on the chosen level of difficulty, some words are not allowed. They are listed on the right under «Off-limits words».
  6. Think twice! With a higher level of difficulty, you can enter only 5 words for each image.
  7. Your score and game stats will appear at the end of the game.
  8. You have 3 minutes. Good luck!

To accumulate points, you must have a« My McCord » account.


Concept :McCord Museum with the collaboration of La Société pour l'Apprentissage à VIE (SAVIE) inc
Content : McCord Museum with the participation of the Graduate School of Library Information Studies, McGill University
Game Design and Programming : SAVIE