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Five lesson plans, including an introduction to editorial cartoons and concept development, build on this exhibition. For secondary Cycle 2 (grades 9, 10 and 11). A great way to stimulate critical thinking and civic-mindedness!

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Introduction to Interpreting Contemporary Editorial Cartoons

History and Citizenship Education
Duration: 3h-4h
Secondary 3 and 4

1. Identify the main message as well as various devices used in contemporary editorial cartooning and establish the links to current news events.
2. Identify the components of two cartoons using an interpretation grid, and prepare a visual and written presentation using these cartoons on the McCord Web site.

As a teaser: Cartoon Pair No. 14 on Bill 101

For student work: Cartoons on language question (without description)

Text: Language conflict in Québec

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Reflecting on a Current Social Issue: Québec-Canada relations

History and Citizenship Education
Duration: 3h-4h
Secondary 3

1. Formulate a question on the origins of Québec nationalism and the Quebec independence movement.
2. Identify some of the political actors and their positions on the question of Québec's political future, specifically at the time of the constitutional negotiations that took place in the 1980s and 1990s.
3. Take a position on an event concerning the political future of Québec within the Canadian federation.

Main Web resources:
Pair No. 15 on the Referendum on Sovereignty-Association (1980);
Pair No. 16 on the Repatriation of the Canadian Constitution (1982);
Pair No. 23 on the Failure of the Meech Lake Accord (1990);
Pair No. 29 on the Referendum on the Charlottetown Accord (1992);
Pair No. 33 on the Formation of the Bloc Québécois (1990);
Pair No. 42 on the Referendum on Québec Independence (1995)

Written documents: newspaper articles (including editorials) from the English- and French-language press (accompanying the cartoon pairs)

Text:Québec independence movement

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Reflecting on a Current Social Issue: The Management of Health Care in Québec

History and Citizenship Education
Duration: 4h-5h
Secondary 4

1. Formulate a hypothesis about pre-1960 health care, and prepare a text on the setting up of health insurance, by analyzing iconographic and written documents.
2. Take a position on the management of health care (public or private?) by creating a cartoon that relates to this topical issue.

Main Web resources:
Cartoon Pair No. 3 on Medical Care Act;
Cartoon pair No. 39 on Aging Population;
Cartoon Pair No. 49 on Health Care Crisis;

Written documents:
Text about Health Care in Québec in the Second Half of the 20th Century;
Articles from newspapers (in English and in French) in the cartoon pairs

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Economy and Development: Back to the Origins of Trade

History and Citizenship Education
Duration: 5h-6h
Secondary 4

Identify the origin of certain economic policies, in particular free trade, starting with the first forms of trade at the beginning of colonization, moving through industrialization, and ending with the signing of recent economic treaties.

The students will be invited to visit the permanent exhibition "Simply Montreal" through a game revolving around resources.

As a teaser: Cartoon Pair No. 17 on Free Trade

Thematic tours :
Montreal 1850-1896: The Industrial City;
The National Policy and Uncle Sam's Chagrin.

Complementary Resource : History texts


Tensions and Conflicts: The Role of the United Nations Organization (UN) in Conflict Management - The Cases of Somalia and the Balkans

Contemporary World
Duration: 4h-5h
Secondary 5

1. Identify the cartoon components using an interpretation grid.
2. Identify the cartoonists' and editorial writers' points of view on these international conflicts.
3. Create an intervention concept map OR analyze a contemporary global issue.

Main Web resources:
Cartoon pair No.35 on Military Intervention in Somalia (1992);
Cartoon pair No.40 on the Conflict in the Balkans (1991-1995) (1991-1995);.

Written documents: Editorials on these two conflicts (accompanying these pairs of cartoons);

Tool for exploring the collection: Cartoon explorer (2,600 cartoons in a network);

Tool for creating an image folder: MyMcCord Account