Past Exhibitions


Aislin & Chapleau Caricatures

Terry Mosher, a.k.a. Aislin.
Chapleau, first name Serge.

Two internationally famous Montrealers, two longtime friends, two outstanding caricaturists whose brilliantly scathing sketches, lurking between the pages of the morning paper, never fail to spark groans and guffaws!

One anglophone, the other francophone: between them they offer a fully bifocal picture of our political, social and cultural life: each has his own background, style and favourite targets, but both possess that merciless and hilariously quirky outlook that is the mark of all great cartoonists.

High moments and low in the world of politicians, the language question, Canadian unity, Montreal mayors, premiers and prime ministers... In its close to 400 works, Aislin & Chapleau Caricatures brings to life the events and faces that have marked the past decade or so - and in some cases still remain regular headline grabbers. The show's double-entrance circuit mirrors the differences and similarities between the two artists. Guided by their own tastes and affinities, visitors can begin their tour either at the entrance or at l'entrée. Once they've explored the world of Aislin or Chapleau, they arrive at a video in which their selected caricaturist introduces them to his colleague and encourages them to continue their tour and thus discover the other perspective, the other culture.