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The McCord Museum in 1992, following a major expansion of the Nobbs building (McCord Archives, 1997).

The McCord reopened its doors to the public in the Spring of 1971 in the newly renovated former McGill Union, designed in 1906 by Percy E. Nobbs (Notman Fonds, View-4848, 1911).

The Museum's second home, from 1955 to 1968, was the former residence of A.A. Hodgson (Notman Fonds, MP-1988.1, about 1960).

Officially inaugurated on October 13, 1921, the McCord Museum was first housed in the former residence of the prominent Montreal financier Jesse Joseph (Notman Fonds, MP-0000.180.2, about 1920).

Inaugurated in 1921, the McCord embodies the vision of a passionate collector, David Ross McCord, whose abiding wish was to shed light on the history and cultures of his country and thus bring its people together.

A Museum Born of a Montrealer's Dream

In 1878, David Ross McCord began adding to the already considerable collection assembled by his family since their arrival in Canada. Sparing neither time nor money, he combed the length and breadth of the country in search of the finest and most historically significant objects. Gradually, a plan began to take shape in his mind: that of founding a national history museum in Montreal, then Canada's metropolis.

On October 13, 1921, the McCord National Museum opened its doors, housed in a building provided by McGill University. Both its collection and its reputation grew rapidly.

A Museum Supported by Montrealers

The citizens of Montreal, heirs to the passion of David Ross McCord, encouraged the Museum's development. McGill University administered the McCord for over sixty years, until it became a private museum. Leading members of the community, including the families of Walter M. Stewart, T.H.P. Molson and J. W. McConnell, lent their steadfast and generous support to the Museum's various activities and, with additional government backing, made possible the recent renovation of its building. Today, the McCord is supported by the governments of Canada, Quebec and Montreal, and by a large network of members, donors and sponsors.

A Museum for all Montrealers

David Ross McCord wanted to make history accessible to all. His dream has become the McCord's mission - a mission whose importance is reaffirmed each year by thousands of visitors.