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Montreal, Thursday, May 15, 2003 — Since its first foray into the World Wide Web in 1997, the McCord Museum has led the way in marrying traditional museum resources with cutting-edge new media technologies. Five years later the Museum's Web site (www.mccord-museum.qc.ca) encompasses three virtual exhibitions and a vast searchable database of information on artifacts from the Museum collections. Now, with the click of the mouse, people across the globe can visit a new facet of the McCord Museum and view more of its collections at one time than was ever previously possible. Two recent initiatives confirm the McCord's role as a leader in the creation of on-line Canadian history learning resources, one that is committed to reaching an ever-wider audience of schoolchildren, educators and regular history enthusiasts.

In addition to basic information about the Museum, its location and its current programming, visitors to the McCord's Web site can take a trip through time via three exhibitions accessible exclusively on-line:

The new Web initiatives bring another level of interactivity and accessibility to the site. Grouped under EduWeb, these learning tools continue the McCord's tradition of excellence in regards to Web design and content:

Dr Nicole Vallières, the Museum's Director of Collection and Information Management, spearheaded the McCord's Web presence. She and her team of researchers, photographers, programmers and designers have succeeded in adding a new dimension to this institution. As she points out, collaboration is the key to such an enterprise: "We couldn't possibly accomplish so much without a solid partnership with the community. Universities, schools and museums all benefit by working together on these projects — and the end result is much stronger." We invite you to take a look!   

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