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McCord Museum Receives Top Marks from Province

Montréal, June 30, 2004 — Very few museums can boast an A+ rating from their provincial government, and a glowing description such as this:

The McCord Museum is, without a doubt, a first-class institution and a pillar of the museum community in Quebec. By the strength of its collections, the quality of its exhibitions and the rich variety of services it offers to the public, this institution distinguishes itself in an exemplary fashion.*

This evaluation, carried out every three years by expert evaluators for the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (MCCQ), assesses the quality of museums' services and provides an objective means of comparison across institutions. The most recent report on the McCord represents an improvement upon an already impressive A rating, received in 2001.

Countless partnerships and years of professional expertise, combined with the dedication of nearly 150 staff, interns and volunteers, enable the McCord to excel in the cultural sector. "Our recent A+ rating by the MCCQ confirms what we already know to be true," says Executive Director, Dr. Victoria Dickenson. "The McCord is a pillar in the cultural community of Montréal, Quebec and Canada. With on-going support from all levels of government as well as the corporate and private philanthropic community and our members, we will continue to conserve our collective heritage and to present dynamic and challenging programmes for generations to come."

The McCord's Mission

The McCord Museum is a public research and teaching museum dedicated to the preservation, study, diffusion, and appreciation of Canadian history.

Grounded in its collections and the study of material culture, and building on the national vision of its founder David Ross McCord, the McCord Museum pursues excellence in research, collections, exhibitions, and education, using traditional media and innovative technologies and approaches, to speak to contemporary preoccupations and to inspire historical enquiry.

"Rapport synthèse d'évaluation : Musée McCord d'histoire canadienne," Institutions muséales reconnues / Évaluation nationale 2003-2004 (Québec : Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, 2004).

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