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Recent acquisitions

The McCord Museum actively enriches its collections through donations of objects, photographs and documents, illustrating life in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Here is a selection of our recent acquisitions.

About the collections and the on-line database

The McCord Museum conserves and presents over 1,440,000 objects, images and manuscripts that are irreplaceable reflections of the social history and material culture of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Currently, the "Keys to History" digital on-line collection -- created in collaboration with seven other museums -- is made up of 137,000 artifacts. More than 119,000 artifacts held by the McCord and some 17,500 artifacts held by the partner museums are available for viewing.

Collections Number of artifacts on-line
Paintings, Prints and Drawings 69,000 28,850
Paintings, miniatures, silhouettes, prints and cartoons that reflect Canada from the 18th to the 21st centuries.
Costume and Textiles 18,845 870
Women's and men's clothing and accessories, designer garments, samplers, quilts and other textiles.
Ethnology and Archaeology 15,800 5,800
Clothing, headgear, baby carriers, hunting and fishing implements that illustrate the history and art of the First Nations.
Decorative Arts 38,900 2,350
Furniture, dishes, toys and other artifacts that bear witness to the history of Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Notman Photographic Archives 1,300,000 80,800
Photographs, taken from 1840 to the present, documenting the history of Canada.
Textual Archives 262 linear meters 700
Manuscripts, greeting cards, letters and other documents that illustrate the history of Canada from the 18th century to the present.