Museum Staff


President and Chief Executive Officer: Suzanne Sauvage
Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer: Johanne Malo

Development Officer, Grants: Martine Couillard


Head, Collections and Research and Curator, Costume and Textiles:  Cynthia Cooper
Curator, Notman Photographic Archives: Hélène Samson, Ph.D.
Curator, Ethnology and Archaeology and Interim Curator, Decorative Arts: Guislaine Lemay
Curator, History and Archives: Céline Widmer
Curator, Paintings, Prints and Drawings: Christian Vachon
Curatorial Assistant, Costume and Textiles: Alexis Walker

Head, Conservation: Anne MacKay
Conservator: Sara Serban
Conservation 2-D Assistant: Denis Plourde
Conservation 3-D Assistant: Caroline Bourgeois

Head, Collection Management: Christian Vachon
Registrar: Karine Rousseau
Senior Cataloguer, Notman Photographic Archives: Nora Hague
Archives Assistant: Eugénie Marcil
Cataloguer: Geneviève Déziel
Photographer: Marilyn Aitken
Collection Technician: Josianne Venne


Director, Programs: Sylvie Durand
Head, Exhibition: Geneviève Lafrance
Project Manager, Exhibitions: Catherine K. Laflamme
Project Manager, Exhibitions: Annie Guindon Varvarikos

Chief Technician, Exhibitions: John Gouws
Technician, Exhibitions: Marie-Hélène Rolko
Technician, Exhibitions: Mélissa Jacques
Head, Education programs: Dominique Trudeau
Coordinator, Education programs: Laura Delfino
Coordinator, Logistics and reservations: Linda St-Pierre
Interpreters: Animation team and Volunteers
Project Manager, Cultural Programs: Maria Luisa Romano
Project Manager, Web and Multimedia: Stéphanie Poisson
Technician, Photographic Services and Copyright: Heather McNabb


Director, Marketing and Communications: Pascale Grignon
Head, Communications: Sandra Heintz
Marketing-Communications Officer, Promotion: Annie Alix Paré (Ariane Cambron 0n maternity leave)
Graphic Designer: Anne-Marie Demers
Marketing-Communications Officer, Public Relations: Nadia Martineau
Senior Digital Content and Social Media Specialist: Marie-Lyse Paquin
Marketing et Communications assistant (membership): Flora Camilleri
Manager, Special events and rentals: Camille Mathon
Rentals, Officer: Vincente Lhoste
Manager, Admissions and Boutique: Silvia Sorbelli
Supervisor, Admissions: Katerine Genest
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Anne-Frédérique Beaulieu-Plamondon
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Nathalie Philippeau
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Anna Ciociola
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Damie Falaise
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Tiffany Le
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Charlotte Routhier
Admissions and Boutique Clerk: Mélissa Tremblay


Director, Operations: Philip Leduc
Senior Officer, Human Resources: Lucie Beaupré

Comptroller: Muriel Ingrassia, CPA, CMA
Accounting and Administrative Technician:  Geneviève Clavet
Accounting and Administrative Technician: Pascaline Ouedraogo
Accounting and Administrative Technician: André Querry

Head, Information Technology: Hugues Boily
Network Administrator: Duncan Forbes

Coordinator, Security and Facilities: Mario Lafond
Mechanical Technician: Dominique Granger
Maintenance Technician: Giusto Cannella
Security Agents: Sécuritas (out-sourced)


Executive Director, McCord Museum Foundation: Nathalie Lévesque
Development Officer: Dermai Darragi
Coordinator, Donor Relations and Annual Campaign: Lelia Sfeir
Coordinator, Philanthropic Development: Adèle Lasne

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