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The McCord Museum Foundation is pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to express your love for Montreal and its heritage. The Adopt-an-Artefact program allows you to "adopt" one of 27 exceptional artefacts from our permanent exhibition, Montreal - Points of View.

Curators' Favorites, up for adoption at $5,000 each
Oldest Objects, up for adoption at $2,500 each
Most Recent Objects, up for adoption at $1,000 each

History is an invaluable asset - it has much to teach us and we need your help to take care of it!

Click here to see the artefacts up for adoption in 2013-2014
Click here to see the artefacts adopted in 2012-2013
Click here to see the artefacts adopted in 2011-2012



Your adoption is a concrete way to participate in the McCord Museum's mission to:



The McCord Museum is a private, non-profit institution that relies on donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations - only 30% of its financing is provided by the government.

The Museum safeguards over 1.4 million objects, images, and manuscripts that chronicle our collective Canadian stories.

30% of the collections are badly damaged and in critical need of meticulous and costly treatments for their repair and preservation.



Each adoption is for a five-year period and we guarantee adopted artefacts will be displayed in the permanent exhibition, Montreal - Points of View, for a minimum of one year. Along with receiving a briefing and photograph of your object, your name will be displayed on our website and in the exhibition.

"Parents" of adopted artefacts gain free access for the five-year duration of their adoption to the following:



Flexible payment options are available. For example, adopt one of the Twelve Most Recent Objects for only $83 a month for one year! Perfect to offer as a gift or in memory of a loved one. Please inquire for details.

We accept cheques, credit card (Visa and Mastercard), online contributions and securities.



For information or to adopt an artefact today, please contact Dermai Darragi at or 514-398-7100, ext. 259.


Click here to download the Adopt-an-Artefact brochure