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The McCord Museum actively enriches its collections through donations of objects, photographs and documents, illustrating life in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

Do you have an object, document or photograph that you wish to offer to the Museum? Contact us at to discuss making a donation to the collection. Photographs of the item, anything you know about its history and a brief comment on its condition can help us determine whether it is suitable for our collection.

The following documents outline our acquisition procedures.


On request, the Museum will issue a receipt for income tax purposes for the fair market value of objects donated. When an object is valued at under $1,000, museum staff may carry out an appraisal at no cost to the donor. For objects valued in excess of $1,000, an outside appraisal will be required. The fees for an outside appraisal must be assumed by the donor. If you are thinking of making a donation, we suggest you discuss it with a member of our curatorial staff, who will help guide you through the process and provide information on any fees that would be involved.

Please note that in accordance with the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Code of Ethics for Museums, the Museum staff does not offer financial appraisals or valuations of objects to the general public. We suggest you contact the Art Dealers Association of Canada or the Canadian Antique Dealers Association.