Montréal, That's Hockey

From March 13, 1996 to April 1, 1997

This exhibition has ended.

In 1875, the first hockey game ever took place in Montreal.
Today, our national sport is played all over the world.

Through objects that once belonged to hockey's greats and their fans, through striking images and interactive games, the exhibition Montreal, That's Hockey explores the 120-year love affair between Montrealers and 'their' sport. See it all: the game's origins, changes in equipment, the history and triumphs of Montreal's teams, celebrations on St. Catherine Street...

An exhibition for the whole family - be sure and "play" it before the final siren sounds!

Montreal, That's Hockey

  • The first hockey game was played at the Victoria Skating Rink on March 3, 1875.
  • The first rules were published in the February 28, 1877 issue of The Gazette.
  • The oldest team still in existence is the McGill team (since 1877).
  • The first team to win the Stanley Cup was the MAAA (Montreal Amateur Athletic Association).
  • In 1924, Clint Benedict of the Montreal Maroons became the first goalie to wear a mask during a NHL game. It didn't last long, however: shortly afterwards a flying puck broke his nose, putting an end to his career.
  • Six different Montreal teams have won the Stanley Cup a total of 42 times: the MAAA (5), the Victorias (5), the Shamrocks (2) the Wanderers (4), the Maroons (2) and the Canadiens (24, a still unbeaten record).