Dream Weavers - Costumes by Cirque du Soleil

From May 26 to October 11, 2010

This exhibition has ended.

Comprised of costume components, photos, audio and video documents, the exhibition will captivate visitors as they delve into the magical world of Cirque du Soleil. Dream Weavers - Costumes by Cirque du Soleil pays homage to the savoir-faire of the costume designers and artisans at Cirque du Soleil and takes visitors on a voyage into the mesmerizing realm of its shows.

The exhibition opens a window into Cirque's costume workshop and introduces museum visitors to a universe of colour and texture unlike any of its kind. Featured are the various steps in costume and accessory production, from dyes and design to hats, lace and shoes. It's a behind the scenes look at the artistry that goes into each piece and each show.

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