Montreal - Points of View

Permanent exhibition

Discover or rediscover Montreal from many vantage points at this not-to-be-missed exhibition.

The exhibition Montreal - Points of View explores 10 different facets of the history of Montreal, from its earliest residents to the city of today with its metro and skyscrapers.

Through objects that bear witness to our past, you will discover iconic districts, pivotal moments in Montreal's history and the people who marked the city's development.

A short video conveys the liveliness of Saint-Laurent Boulevard through unique views of its history and the contribution immigration has made to our culinary, sport and cultural traditions.

Conquer an ever-changing city from the past to the present!

Twice a year, the McCord Museum takes a fresh look at the city by exhibiting the photographs of a contemporary artist.

Since January 28, 2014, the Museum has been offering a chance to discover the work of the photojournalist François Pesant. In the spring of 2012, students in Quebec loudly protested the plan to increase university tuition fees announced by Jean Charest's Liberal government. From 13 February to 7 September, they undertook a variety of pressure tactics, including boycotting classes and street demonstrations.

François Pesant took this photograph on 7 June 2012, when students and alterglobalists joined together to protest against the running of the Canadian Grand Prix Formula One race in Montreal. Clearly seen in the picture are some of the signs, such as nudity and the red square, by which the students wanted to symbolize their commitment to opposition and transgression. This photograph was published on the front page of Courrier international on July 5, 2012, with the title ''Montréal ville rebelle'' (Montreal, rebel city).

About the artist
François Pesant (Montreal, 1975) has a degree in sociology from Concordia University in Montreal. He has chosen photography as his way to explore humanitarian and environmental causes. He received the Grand Prix Lux, in 2011 and the AnthropoGraphia for Human Rights through Visual Storytelling award in 2013 for his photo story An Enemy Within, about the rape of female soldiers in the U.S. army. Pesant was among the photographers whose work was presented at the Visa pour l'Image photojournalism festival in Perpignan, France, in September 2013.

MaNUfestations, Montréal 2012
François Pesant

Activities in conjunction with the exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition
Introduction to the exhibition is provided by our cultural mediators followed by a question period in both French and English.
English: Every Tuesday to Friday at 3 p.m.
French: From Tuesday to Friday at 4 p.m. and Wednesdays at 7 p.m.
*Schedule is subject to change.

In parrallel with our exhibition, we have asked Montreal personalities to share their favourite places or their point of view on the city. Discover the Mile End with the leader of Bran Van 3000, James Di Salvio.
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